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IDWeek 2016: Low- and middle-income countries are most affected by antimicrobial resistance, have the least capacity to address it

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NEW ORLEANS, La – Low- and middle income countries have lower per-capita consumption of antibiotics than high income countries yet bear a larger burden of antimicrobial resistance, panelists said at IDWeek. While high-income countries are looking to develop innovative stewardship programs and new drugs to combat antimicrobial resistance, low- and middle-income countries often have limited capacity […]

IDWeek: Update TB strategies to meet global challenges

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PHILADELPHIA, PA- Without new tools, soon, to address multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, TB control efforts made over the last two decades will be defeated, Dr. Carol Dukes Hamilton said this week, in an IDWeek presentation. Hamilton, co-chair of the Infectious Diseases Society of America Center for Global Health Policy called drug-resistant TB a runaway train. New tools are […]