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DOTS Not Enough When it Comes to TB in South Africa

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Dr. Robin Wood, director of the Desmond Tutu HIV Centre in Cape Town, has many startling slides to illustrate the astronomical problem of tuberculosis in South Africa—from photos of desperately poor, overcrowded shantytowns in the Western Cape to graphs that document the escalating rates of HIV/TB co-infection in his native country. But there’s one image […]

HIV/TB Co-infection–The Deadly Duo Take Center Stage at IAS

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This post is by Center Director Christine Lubinski, reporting from the 2009 IAS conference in Cape Town. World renowned HIV/TB expert Dr. Gerry Friedland, a professor of medicine at Yale and a member of the Global Center’s Scientific Advisory Committee, opened this morning’s plenary session at the 2009 IAS conference by highlighting important operational research […]