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IDWeek: From the start of a specialist society to the next pandemic, a focus on infections makes all the difference

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WASHINGTON, DC – In 1963, when a small group of doctors got together to talk about building infectious disease expertise with a professional organization, Dr. Ed Kass chose the role of meeting secretary. You can make sure things get done when you’re the secretary, he explained. In the Edward H. Kass lecture this morning, Dr. […]

Modern military era provides paths for growing global health threats

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Haiti already faced a daunting path to recovery in the wake of the catastrophic 2010 earthquake that destroyed much of its capital city, with devastating damage to the nation’s health infrastructure, when UN peacekeeping forces came from Kathmandu came to provide support. Unknown to them, some had been infected with cholera in their previous posting, […]

PrEP: Risk of resistance to antiretroviral drugs used to prevent infection is lower than thought, study finds

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Highest risk of resistance found in those starting drugs with undiagnosed infection, pointing to importance of screening The landmark study that found preventive use of antiretroviral medicine by a person who is not infected with HIV can lower the risk of acquiring the virus from his or her infected partner has yielded data showing that […]