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Leaders, advocates, researchers, clinicians call for universal immediate HIV treatment access

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A commentary published online today in The Lancet co-authored by leaders of global funding agencies and organizations as well as leading researchers, clinicians, and civil society workers responding to HIV globally calls for immediate access to antiretroviral treatment for all people infected with HIV, without rationing based on geographic location or advanced state of illness. […]

Treatment as Prevention once again shown to lower incidence of illness, infection, death, in British Columbia findings consistent with Kwazulu Natal, other settings, authors say

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The idea was to document and demonstrate the effectiveness of the “Treatment as Prevention” strategy in fighting HIV and AIDS, but a population-wide study of data spanning 16 years in British Columbia’s HIV epidemic scored points for harm reduction and accessible, publically funded health care as well, it turned out. The PLOS One article on […]

Taking the Long View on HIV Treatment Sustainability

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“Sustainability” is the catchphrase increasingly tossed around in discussions about fighting the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. Now, a new opinion piece in the journal AIDS explores what it would take to achieve meaningful sustainability—outlining some key steps necessary to foster strong, enduring treatment programs in resource-poor settings. As a backdrop, the authors, including Edward J. Mills, […]