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Linezolid: Affordable generic access win highlights obstacles to life-saving treatment

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With side effects that include stomach pain, vision problems, vomiting, diarrhea,  and anemia as well as pain, weakness, and numbness in hands and feet, linezolid is not something you would take if you had much choice. But for patients in Khayelishta, a township in South Africa’s Western Cape where rates of poverty, HIV and tuberculosis […]

New MDR-TB Study Highlights the Promise of R&D in Fight Against Deadly Bug

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In a small new study, researchers found that linezolid, an antibiotic first approved in 2000, may be an effective component in the treatment of multidrug-resistant drug-resistant tuberculosis. But as previous research of this drug has suggested, linezolid is far from a perfect cure for the global epidemic of drug-resistant TB, and the findings reinforce the […]