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From PEPFAR to Ebola response, to Zika, to next pandemic, panel looks at returns on U.S. investments in global health

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Lesson: “We’re only as safe as the most vulnerable people in the most vulnerable places in the world” Two years after Médecins Sans Frontières advised the world to pay attention to the unprecedented spread of Ebola across West Africa, and a little more than a month after President Obama asked Congress to provide $1.8 million […]

HPTN Annual Meeting: Is “PopART” research, or just good health practice?

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It sounds obvious, urgent, and ambitious: Make HIV counseling and testing as well as links to subsequent care and prevention services universally available, and watch the numbers of new infections drop steeply.

Increasingly, Richard Hayes of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said Monday, it also sounds practical.