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Falling short of the halfway mark, a cough not heard around the world, Uganda’s moral grounds, sex trafficking war casualties . . . We’re reading about global health winners, sinners, gains and losses

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The Race to Improve Global Health: Great strides toward the halfway mark aren’t winning the race to a fair, healthy and sustainable world, says this New York Times editorial, a timely piece when  budget-weary policy makers might be tempted to rest on their achievements so far. United Nations’ Millenium Development Goals — including reductions in […]

`Fresh' U.S. strategy on MDG goals

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The Obama administration today released a government-wide strategy on a subject that previously had drawn little high-level attention from Washington – the Millennium Development Goals, or MDGs. Much like National Security Strategy documents put together by a succession of U.S. administrations, Obama’s MDG strategy serves as more of a framework of principles, rather than giving […]

Improving Maternal Health in Africa

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This post is by the Global Center’s Rabita Aziz. The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood joined with several other health and development organizations to host a panel discussion on maternal health in Africa on Capitol Hill today.  The forum was moderated by African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) board member and journalist Carol Jenkins. […]