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STREAM Trial: Nine-month regimen for drug-resistant tuberculosis brings “promising cure rates”

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A randomized, multi-country clinical trial testing a regimen for treating drug-resistant tuberculosis in less than a year against the up to two-year regimen recommended by the World Health Organization in 2011 guidelines, substantiates earlier observed findings showing comparable success rates between the two. The STREAM trial (Standard Treatment Regimen of Anti-Tuberculosis drugs for patients with […]

Xpert use reduced wait for treatment, study shows, but health system, patient challenges remain barriers to full benefits

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The demand for, and the promise of, quick accurate tools to diagnose tuberculosis, and to discover resistance to basic TB treatments, are based on a simple and seemingly irrefutable premise. Such tools, it has been pointed out, make early and effective treatment possible, benefiting both patients and public with faster and more frequent cures, and […]