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COVID-19: This pandemic offers a lesson we must learn before the next

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The following is a guest post by Manish Kumar, MPH, MS, and Jim Thomas of MEASURE Evaluation, and Bobby Jefferson of DAI Global Health When the sickness and deaths subside, when ventilators and face masks are back in storerooms, when health workers don’t fear for their lives as they work, and when families and friends […]

Ripple effect mapping helps optimize value of interventions

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The following is guest post by Brittany Iskarpatyoti of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill When you drop a rock into a pool of water, how far do the ripples go? Do they roll out deliberately and gently, creeping to the edges of the water or do they form sharp ridges that quickly […]

Health information systems lay foundation for building from one emergency to the next

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The following is a guest post by James Thomas of MEASURE Evaluation Ebola has once again surfaced in Guinea. Meanwhile, the battle with Zika virus continues in Latin America. American responses to outbreaks tend to be disease-specific, driven in part by the latest images in the media. The White House recently requested $1.8 billion of […]