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Targeting the pediatric HIV treatment gap, speeding drug development, imagining a world of equitable treatment access, the Medicines Patent Pool aims for breakthroughs

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An event last week launching the Pediatric treatment Initiative “to get kids the medicines they need,” included the news of a commitment to double the number of children on treatment with support from the President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief within the next two years. With a continued gap that sees an estimated two million […]

Medicines Patent Pool, drugmaker agreement set to expand access to new antiretroviral

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Dolutegravir agreement continue collaboration between British company and Unitaid-launched treatment access organization With a high barrier to drug-resistance, low production costs, low dosing and a potential for pediatric use, the new HIV drug dolutegravir, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in August, and for use among adults and adolescents by the European Medicines […]

Agreement on HIV-blindness medicine hoped to increase treatment, diagnosis — and add to understanding of late ARV access impact

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Faded from memory in developed countries since the advent of antiretroviral treatment, and under-diagnosed in low- and middle-income countries where treatment has remained out of reach for many, cytomegalovirus retinitis, the disease that causes HIV-related blindness, has been called the neglected opportunistic infection of the AIDS pandemic. A recently released study suggests the scope of […]