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Needle exchange, methadone programs in Malaysia save money, protect public health, World Bank-funded report finds

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Of the more than 98,000 people diagnosed with HIV since 1986 in Malaysia, more than 67,000 of them have been people who inject drugs . . . When more than two-thirds of the people who have been diagnosed with HIV in a country are people who inject drugs, some of the measures to prevent new […]

Research, TB and the Robin Hood tax, harm reduction results, and more research . . .

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Px Wire: AVAC’s Quarterly Update on HIV Prevention Research includes great graphics, spells out clear definitions (i.e. “the purpose of sieve analysis,” is similar to what it sounds like), interesting updates — the latest yield from the Thai 144 AIDS vaccine trial, and vaginal microbicide ring research — including findings showing protection among 83 percent […]