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Ukraine HIV epidemic response scenarios project potentials for lives saved, infections averted by level of investment

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Outcomes hinge on increased resources, harm reduction, outreach to men who have sex with men, women in sex work, clients, injecting drug users, partners, and prisoners Released in December, before the dissolution of Ukrainian control of Crimea and continued threats to the autonomy of the rest of the country, Lives on The Line, Funding Needs […]

HIV and law commission risks and rights report followup highlights actions

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A year and a half ago the Global Commission on HIV and the Law put out its report, HIV and the Law: Risks, Rights and Health with recommendations addressing the discriminatory practices that fuel HIV epidemics. Problems the report pointed to included overreaching patent protections and criminalization of HIV transmission, as well as abuses of […]

With “transitions” underway, report emphasizes distinction between “country ownership” and government ownership

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THE DISTINCTION? “COUNTRY” INCLUDES CIVIL SOCIETY GROUPS REPRESENTING THOSE GOVERNMENTS JAIL, NEGLECT, LEAVE VULERNABLE In Zambia, the nation’s Home Affairs Minister tells gay rights advocates to “go to hell” while an HIV treatment advocate faces jail time for speaking of the need to reach vulnerable populations. In Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe, homophobic views voiced by […]