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Uganda law concerns at home and abroad, CDC PrEP guidelines endorsed, getting ready for World AIDS Vaccine Day . . . We’re reading about what’s next

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Ambassador Deborah Birx, on the Passage of the HIV Prevention and Control Act by the Ugandan Parliament –  With more than three decades of experiences at home and abroad offering lessons, Global AIDS Coordinator Ambassador Deborah Birx responds to the Uganda Parliament’s new HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act, which criminalizes HIV transmission, mandates […]

Nigerian official who called anti-gay law “democracy in action” served on International AIDS Society’s governing council

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When Nigeria acting Secretary of Foreign Affairs Viola Onwuliri defended President Goodluck Jonathan’s signature on the country’s brutal new anti-homosexuality law, the couple of weeks preceding had to have been a tough time to answer for her country. The law, for reasons obvious to donors, doctors, advocates and others involved in global efforts to combat […]

Nigeria anti-gay law: community calls for support, advocates call for action

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With reports that police are arresting suspected “gay organization” members in Nigeria following the President Goodluck Jonathan’s signing last week of the country’s “Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act 2013,” the impacts of the new law are just beginning, according to agencies and organizations addressing health and human rights. In addition to prohibiting marriage and civil […]