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Risks and challenges of people who inject drugs, earn income through sex work recognized, but seldom addressed in adequate, joined responses

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Recognized as “key” and “most at risk,” populations to reach in responses to HIV globally, people who inject drugs and people who earn income through sex work face double the risks and double the barriers to support, protection and health services when their categories overlap. Their risks and challenges triple if they also are sexual […]

Missing the target of orphans in Uganda, sex workers in Kenya, good practices based on human rights and realities, the Melbourne Declaration, confusing coverage strikes again, and more . . . we’re reading about missing pieces

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Each week we like to share with our readers what we’ve been reading, but we also like to hear from our readers about what they’re reading. Please let us know what you’re reading this week by sending an email to globalhealth@idsociety.org.  Missing the Target – In the 11th of its Missing the Target report series, […]

Making PEPFAR, mourning Andrew Hunter, the cost of hepatitis treatment, assessing the damage of Uganda’s antigay law . . . We’re catching up and looking back

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Making PEPFAR – By rolling out large scale HIV treatment and prevention programs in countries that lacked resources to take on the global epidemic on their own, PEPFAR reversed a trend of sinking life expectancies “and likely saved some countries — even an entire continent — from economic ruin,” Harold Varmus writes in this essay, […]