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People with HIV who inject drugs benefit most from integrated treatment, study finds

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While antiretroviral treatment and opioid substitution therapy (methadone, for example) each increase survival rates among people who inject drugs and live with HIV, the two treatments lower risks of dying from all causes, including those stemming from drug use and HIV, most effectively when both are available at the same time, a study reported in […]

HIV among people who inject drugs emerging, growing, largely unaddressed and often uncounted in Middle East and North Africa

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Review highlights unmet needs, chance of hidden epidemics and opportunity in countries where people who inject drugs in region of high risk and lagging response In Afghanistan, where an estimated 83 percent of the world’s supply of heroin is produced, a gram of the drug could be bought for as little as $4 at a […]

The Global State of Harm Reduction — discrimination, stigma, misunderstanding, misinformation keep response “shockingly low”

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What if there were an evidence-based, cost-effective approach to prevent HIV infections by tackling a risk that accounts for roughly one out of three HIV infections outside of sub-Saharan Africa, and an increasing proportion of HIV infections everywhere? You might think, in the budget-challenged times that donors and recipients in the global health landscape grapple […]