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TB diagnostic tool development and access remain first obstacles to finding and treating tuberculosis where it poses greatest threats

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In the obstacle course that detecting, treating and curing tuberculosis can present to populations most affected by the disease, the first hurdle, caused by gaps in technology appropriate to realities where the disease flourishes, remains diagnosis. In turn, obstacles to developing diagnostic tools and getting them on the ground, include lack of resources to test […]

Childhood tuberculosis: Study finds larger global hidden epidemic

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Indications of a  “huge undiagnosed reservoir” of pediatric tuberculosis, with actual incidence much higher than the number of cases reported highlight the need for additional study of the disease in children, and an opportunity for improved prevention through household screening, a study released in The Lancet today says. Authors of the study, produced by researchers […]

Towards Zero Deaths: Roadmap for Childhood Tuberculosis builds on proven steps

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For years the most helpless victims of tuberculosis have also been the least noticed, although they are estimated to comprise up to 10 percent — or more, as they often go uncounted as well — of people sick with the disease worldwide. They are children, younger that 15 years old, whose lives are taken when […]