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Global Health 2014: Top 10 stories in HIV, TB around the world

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Ebola – Why is Ebola one of the top 10 stories in HIV and TB globally? Because the current crisis in West Africa echoes the history of those epidemics, highlights weaknesses that will continue to dog ongoing work to conquer those epidemics, and has once again shown that neglecting infectious disease anywhere poses a threat […]

Uganda and human rights: With overturn of Anti-Homosexuality Law, Museveni points to trade concerns — and once again citing science — gets another chance to get it right

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“Later on, our scientists argued that all homosexuality was by nurture not nature. On the basis of that, I agreed to sign the Bill although some people still contest that understanding. I was also provoked into signing the Bill by the arrogant approach of some foreign governments . . .” Uganda President Yoweri Museveni, New […]

With Uganda anti-gay bill alive, clinicians, researchers seek to answer President Museveni’s questions on science, homosexuality

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When Uganda President Yoweri Museveni considered the latest version of an “anti-homosexuality bill” the nation’s parliament passed just before Christmas, he had, as the cliche has it,  more questions than answers. Some of his questions concerned the correctness of the parliamentary procedure with which the bill was passed, some with how much, or how little, […]