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Criminalized sex work, contraception as the weakest link, reducing harm reduction, a homophobic faith-based organization doesn’t get it . . . We’re reading about policies, proposals and programs that don’t mind the gap

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“An end to AIDS is only possible if we overcome the barriers of criminalization, stigma and discrimination that remain key drivers of the epidemic.” AIDS 2014, Nobody left behind, The Melbourne Declaration US bill to pressure countries that do not criminalize the purchase of sex must be dropped, say rights groups – The Global Alliance […]

Legislators to Shah: Really? Cuts to TB, HIV efforts aren’t a problem?

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In the budget-cutting environment that characterizes the current Congress, it is not often you will see legislators from both parties urging a foreign aid director to voice the need for more funds, but that is what happened last week. While members of Congress emphasized during hearings last week the importance of robust U.S. support for […]

Prison condition improvement bill seeks to address health and human rights abuses hidden behind walls

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In the golden era of global health, prisons have long occupied a hidden parallel world, a big dirty secret, so to speak, where in cells so overcrowded that inmates sleep standing, diseases are inescapable, medical care and nutrition are far beyond reach, sanitation is nonexistent and justice is a dream. “Most people know little if […]