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Exiting foreign affairs leaders take decades of experience as they leave Capitol

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As the 112th Congress draws to a close, Science Speaks is following changes in global health leadership, today looking at outgoing global issues leaders Rep. Howard Berman, former chair, and ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Sen. Richard Lugar, ranking member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.   Rep. Howard Berman […]

Decisive Obama win, Democrat House and Senate gains set stage for next global health steps

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President Obama’s win Tuesday means plans to follow a global AIDS blueprint due to be released World AIDS Day remain on track. The “Mexico City Policy” restricting how U.S. family planning dollars could be spent overseas, reversed by President Obama, which Gov. Romney had promised to reinstate, will remain off the books. It remains to […]

Senators Prod White House on USAID Appointment

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No news is definitely not good news when it comes to this sore subject: the vacancy at the helm of USAID. Reports out today indicate that lawmakers in Congress are as anxious as the rest of us about the fact that this agency is rudderless, at a time when the Obama Administration is seeking to […]