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Tuberculosis drug maker Sanofi drops price, easing access to shortened TB infection treatment

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It was Christmas come early for publicly funded TB programs and for advocates of improved tuberculosis regimens when the maker of a rifapentine, a drug that can shorten treatment for tuberculosis infection from as much as nine months to three months announced Thursday it will drop its price for the medicine to a dollar a […]

TB treatment advocates to Sanofi pharmaceutical company on drug price: “We cry enough!”

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A little more than four months ago, a collection of organizations and individuals concerned with the high price of rifapentine, a drug that could treat tuberculosis more quickly than other drugs, and also treat TB infection before it caused illness, wrote to Sanofi, the company that makes the medicine. Noting that government funding that had […]

Advocates, physicians to pharmaceutical company: lower price on government-supported drug, aid research

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It has been heralded as an important step in ending the threat of tuberculosis in the United States, and one with ramifications for countries with higher incidence of the disease: a new drug to treat TB infection before it causes illness, treat it more quickly than current regimens. With standard treatment consisting of daily pills […]