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Follows on “Pharmagate” plot: South Africa activists picket Merck office, while two drug companies leave pharmaceutical association

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In the days following a leaked plan from a U.S.-based public relations firm to derail proposed patent reforms in South Africa, those involved indicated that the plan, dubbed “genocidal” by South Africa Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi, was the product of a misunderstanding. The U.S.-based firm, Public Affairs Engagement released a statement saying that when firm […]

Agreement on HIV-blindness medicine hoped to increase treatment, diagnosis — and add to understanding of late ARV access impact

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Faded from memory in developed countries since the advent of antiretroviral treatment, and under-diagnosed in low- and middle-income countries where treatment has remained out of reach for many, cytomegalovirus retinitis, the disease that causes HIV-related blindness, has been called the neglected opportunistic infection of the AIDS pandemic. A recently released study suggests the scope of […]

The future of WHO, making global health gains last, medicine on an empty stomach and more . . .

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Future of World Health Organization hangs in the balance: With financing shortfalls — and efforts to address them continue to hobble the organization founded to respond to health on a global scale as a human right, its mission is threatened. This BMJ article looks at what went wrong, and the changes in funding and governance […]