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Making PEPFAR, mourning Andrew Hunter, the cost of hepatitis treatment, assessing the damage of Uganda’s antigay law . . . We’re catching up and looking back

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Making PEPFAR – By rolling out large scale HIV treatment and prevention programs in countries that lacked resources to take on the global epidemic on their own, PEPFAR reversed a trend of sinking life expectancies “and likely saved some countries — even an entire continent — from economic ruin,” Harold Varmus writes in this essay, […]

Ruth Messinger: "Sophie's Choice" in Global Health Spending is Outrageous

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Ruth Messinger, president of American Jewish World Service, an international development and human rights organization, just posted this passionate response to  The New York Times stories about the unfolding crisis in global AIDS funding. Ruth’s article argues that any U.S. foreign aid policy pitting disease against disease is seriously misguided and that now is the time to recommit to foreign […]