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COVID-19: Eight key factual statements from Wuhan Institute of Virology’s Dr. Zhengli Shi

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By Daniel R. Lucey M.D., MPH, FIDSA In response to a series of questions asked by Science magazine’s Jon Cohen, the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s internationally-renowned bat coronavirus researcher and collaborator (with scientists in the United States, Singapore, and elsewhere), Dr. Zhengli Shi provided key facts about her work. Among questions she addressed were ones […]

2019-nCoV: Fecal-oral transmission of the new coronavirus? More research urgently needed

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Dr. Daniel Lucey, who has responded to, and monitored information on outbreaks since 2001, has provided a series of updates and analysis on the outbreak, now an epidemic of 2019-nCoV, the novel coronavirus identified in Wuhan China, since Jan. 7. He continues to respond to developments and data on the outbreak here. In his 9th […]