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Ukraine HIV epidemic response scenarios project potentials for lives saved, infections averted by level of investment

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Outcomes hinge on increased resources, harm reduction, outreach to men who have sex with men, women in sex work, clients, injecting drug users, partners, and prisoners Released in December, before the dissolution of Ukrainian control of Crimea and continued threats to the autonomy of the rest of the country, Lives on The Line, Funding Needs […]

Facing transition to “country ownership” civil society representatives highlight populations’ diverse needs, common goals

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DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA — What do  sex workers, traditional healers, and gay rights advocates have in common? In a place frequently referred to as “the epicenter of the epicenter” of the global AIDS epidemic, they share concerns, with the general population that they are part of, that gaps in access to health care, and  HIV […]

With sex workers and drug users banned from US travel, AIDS 2012 features sessions about them, without them

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Some of the best news for some of those hit hardest by the epidemic came early in AIDS 2012 with Secretary Clinton’s welcoming remarks, when, citing progress in both science and implementation, while emphasizing the impact of the epidemic on sex workers and people who use injecting drugs, she told the audience ” . . […]