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Saving the Swazi Nation, mutual accountability, medical circumcision, a special envoy steps down and more . . . We’re reading about what works, what doesn’t, what remains to be seen

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The Campaign Against AIDS in Africa is Saving Lives – Why Isn’t the US Investing More In It? – James North, who spent four years in Swaziland before  AIDS  began to take a toll there, recounts the  epidemic’s impact on the country from 2008, when death notices filled the newspapers, to 2014, when seven percent […]

Physicians signing letter to Uganda President on anti-homosexuality bill include former Vice President, now UN’s envoy for HIV in Africa

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The letter from physicians, researchers and academics explaining the science of sexual orientation and the impact of laws criminalizing homosexuality that appeared as a full page ad in a Uganda newspaper last week went directly to Uganda President Yoweri Museveni today, with the endorsement of 14 organizations (including the IDSA Center for Global Health Policy, which […]