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HIV coverage: No news is bad news, some news is worse . . . we’re reading about under-reporting, misreporting, realities and responses

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Why is HIV underreported outside of scandals? How does it happen that the rantings of an already disgraced soon-to-be-former sports team owner can propel AIDS into headlines when scientific breakthroughs, policy, and funding that affect matters of life and death do not? That is the question this POZ commentary raises, noting that Clippers co-owner Donald […]

Saving the Swazi Nation, mutual accountability, medical circumcision, a special envoy steps down and more . . . We’re reading about what works, what doesn’t, what remains to be seen

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The Campaign Against AIDS in Africa is Saving Lives – Why Isn’t the US Investing More In It? – James North, who spent four years in Swaziland before  AIDS  began to take a toll there, recounts the  epidemic’s impact on the country from 2008, when death notices filled the newspapers, to 2014, when seven percent […]

Nigeria anti-gay law: community calls for support, advocates call for action

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With reports that police are arresting suspected “gay organization” members in Nigeria following the President Goodluck Jonathan’s signing last week of the country’s “Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act 2013,” the impacts of the new law are just beginning, according to agencies and organizations addressing health and human rights. In addition to prohibiting marriage and civil […]