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Pipeline Report: Speed development of, access to products that will address global health needs

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Imagine a world in which a single once-daily pill that can be taken without food, has few if any side effects, and can control the virus that leads to AIDS, is available, equally, to everyone who needs it. Imagine if governments and health systems all over the world were ready to make use of new […]

FDA TB drug approval a milestone, with caveats

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the first new drug to treat tuberculosis in nearly half a century and the agency’s first use of its accelerated approval process to speed availability of TB medicine comes with cautions, and with a direction of work yet to be done, agency officials and treatment advocates agree. […]

FDA panel finds new type of TB drug effective, raising hopes for treatment of drug-resistant strains

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Dr. Dalene von Delft had a choice between dying  or going deaf, and that was a choice only if the arduous treatment she was undergoing for drug-resistant tuberculosis worked. The South African pediatrician had contracted a resistant strain of the disease caring for patients, and the only potentially effective treatment was showing one of its […]