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Dr. Deborah Birx: Fighting AIDS with research and treatment changed landscapes of care, prevention, colleagues say

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Two events make up the pillars of the narrative people who have worked with Dr. Deborah Birx tell, when they talk about the the physician researcher who has been nominated to lead the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. One event concerns the only clinical trial for an HIV vaccine candidate to yield proof of […]

Southern African organizations respond to Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill, more “MARPs” in Uganda? . . . And updates from the U.S. Military HIV Research Program

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African civil society urges veto of Uganda anti-homosexuality bill: Thanks, but no thanks, a partnership of more than 60 southern African civil society groups is saying to the “Christmas present” of a revived anti-homosexuality bill that Uganda’s parliament speaker is promising to pass before the end of 2013. If the bill becomes law it will […]

Research, TB and the Robin Hood tax, harm reduction results, and more research . . .

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Px Wire: AVAC’s Quarterly Update on HIV Prevention Research includes great graphics, spells out clear definitions (i.e. “the purpose of sieve analysis,” is similar to what it sounds like), interesting updates — the latest yield from the Thai 144 AIDS vaccine trial, and vaginal microbicide ring research — including findings showing protection among 83 percent […]