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Falling short of the halfway mark, a cough not heard around the world, Uganda’s moral grounds, sex trafficking war casualties . . . We’re reading about global health winners, sinners, gains and losses

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The Race to Improve Global Health: Great strides toward the halfway mark aren’t winning the race to a fair, healthy and sustainable world, says this New York Times editorial, a timely piece when  budget-weary policy makers might be tempted to rest on their achievements so far. United Nations’ Millenium Development Goals — including reductions in […]

CDC Director Discusses New Global Health Efforts

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Dr. Thomas Frieden discussed the Centers for Disease Control’s global health agenda today at an event sponsored by the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies. Frieden, who became director of the CDC in June 2009, spoke about the CDC’s work in reducing the prevalence of global HIV/AIDS and about his commitment to tuberculosis control. […]