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United, led by AIDS patients and advocates, world’s most impoverished countries get extension on affordable access to critical goods

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Countries with the greatest odds against them won time today, successfully negotiating for another eight years during which they can get medicines, educational supplies, and techonologies essential to their development at prices they can afford. The extension of the agreement giving the world’s least developed countries exemption from implementing the  full standards of patent protection […]

The future of WHO, making global health gains last, medicine on an empty stomach and more . . .

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Future of World Health Organization hangs in the balance: With financing shortfalls — and efforts to address them continue to hobble the organization founded to respond to health on a global scale as a human right, its mission is threatened. This BMJ article looks at what went wrong, and the changes in funding and governance […]

India’s patent laws, public health response without public healthcare and bridging the Global Fund gap . . .

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India’s patent laws: This Lancet special report on legal challenges by Bayer and Novartis to applications of India’s Patents Act provides a link to the 2010 United Nations Development Program’s report on the nation’s efforts to supply affordable HIV treatment in the context of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). It […]