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Join Effort to Rebuild World Commitment to Global AIDS Fight

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With an eye toward rebuilding international commitment to combating global AIDS, the International AIDS Society (IAS) has created a new online tool to help scientists and other HIV advocates pressure their leaders to live up to Universal Access goals at upcoming G8 & G20 meetings. With this e-advocacy campaign, individuals can click here to send […]

In AIDS Progress Report, Next Steps Are Key

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The end of today’s UNAIDS progress report, detailing the latest figures on access to ARVs, is in some ways more important than the beginning. “The Way Forward,” the report’s conclusion, lays out important next steps in the campaign for universal access, at a time when the global economic crisis and questions about sustainability have cast […]

The question of universal access for TB patients

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This live blog is from the Pacific Health Summit in Seattle, a three-day meeting that opened Tuesday night. Its focus is the global response to multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. In the world of HIV/AIDS, a long rallying cry has been universal access for treatment. Now it’s coming to the world of TB – and likely for other […]