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Fauci: HIV imaging yields “significant advance” in vaccine inquiry

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For 15 years scientists have worked to get a clear enough picture of how the protein surrounding the virus that leads to AIDS interacts with antibodies, to guide the development of a vaccine that would instigate an effective immune response. For years, the delicate and complicated structure of that protein has made that difficult, and […]

New vaccine would revolutionize the fight against tuberculosis…if funding is available

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How could the world dramatically lower the incidence of tuberculosis and save millions of lives?  An effective TB vaccine would revolutionize the response to TB, which kills about 5000 people each day, and eliminate the need for lengthy and often difficult drug treatment.    An effective vaccine would be of tremendous benefit all over the world, including […]

Guest Blog by Paula Akugizibwe: Don't Abandon the TB Basics for a Miracle Cure

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This is a guest post written by Paula Akugizibwe, regional treatment advocacy coordinator at AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa. She wrote this in response to remarks made by Marcos Espinal, of the Stop TB Partnership, to the UN Economic and Social Council on July 6. Espinal said, in part:   “MDG 6 has […]