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WHO releases new HIV testing guidelines

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With the aim to reach an estimated 8.1 million people who are living with HIV, but remain unaware of their infection, the World Health Organization today released new and updated Consolidated Guidelines on HIV Testing Services For a Changing Epidemic. The guidelines recommended strategies to accelerate linkages to care, improve outreach to the most marginalized […]

Study finds more asymptomatic HIV patients staying in care than estimated; mortality of those untreated “not unsubstantial”

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A study released this week examining the outcomes of Ugandan patients considered “lost to follow-up” counters a widely held assumption that people entering care for HIV while still relatively healthy are not sufficiently motivated to follow medical directions and to remain in care. The study was released this week by Clinical Infectious Diseases with the self-explanatory […]

New WHO guidelines for HIV treatment would begin to narrow care gap between rich and poor countries

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WHO: Comprehensive guidelines to start treatment earlier in illness and, for some, immediately, would make 26 million people eligible for medicine, avert 3 million deaths, prevent more than 3 million infections Calling for more widespread access to antiretroviral medicine worldwide in updated HIV treatment guidelines released Sunday, the World Health Organization acknowledged the changes will […]