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Putting Women First in the Fight against Global HIV/AIDS

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Last week, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) brought together a number of panelists from various administration agencies and NGOs at an event called “Linkages between Gender, AIDS, and Development – Implications for U.S. Policy.”  Panelists discussed the importance of placing women’s and girl’s health at the forefront of the Obama Administration’s global […]

Details on a US Policy Shift — More Investment in Women’s Health

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This post is by John Donnelly, a former Boston Globe reporter and regular contributor to Science Speaks.  Less than two months ago, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared an increased US government commitment to international family planning and reproductive health programs, saying, “In the Obama administration, we are convinced of the value of investing in […]

New WHO Report Documents Toll of HIV/AIDS on Women

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A new World Health Organization’s report on women’s health highlights the increasing toll HIV/AIDS has taken on women in the developing world. HIV/AIDS is “by far the leading cause of death among adult women in Africa,” the report says. It is also the leading cause of death globally among women of reproductive age. “Of the […]