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Ebola takes center stage in Geneva a year after first appearance in Conakry

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Meanwhile, crisis continues, while future readiness remains an open question Ebola had already hit the big time, making its first appearance in a capital city nearly two months earlier, when the 67th World Health Assembly convened last year. Still, the highly infectious and deadly viral disease, which by then had been reported in three west […]

A call for sweeping reforms, the plagues to come, acknowledging the damage . . . we’re reading about what comes after Ebola

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The Ebola Outbreak in Liberia is Over – The World Health Organization’s declaration Saturday that Liberia is free of Ebola virus transmission includes a recounting of the epidemic there, including that its start was “deceptively slow.” It continues that the first week of April saw one confirmed case in the capital city, and goes on […]

World Health Assembly Calls for Action on Drug-Resistant TB

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 The close of the 62nd World Health Assembly included a resolution on combating drug-resistant tuberculosis, a particularly welcome development given that TB almost got knocked off the WHA agenda because of a heavy focus on the influenza A(H1N1) virus. The WHA meeting of health ministers and officials from the World Health Organization member states ended […]