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Dr. Robert Gallo on HIV, Polio, Influenza and why he started the Global Virus Network: “Humans have a memory span of 30 years, and I can prove it”

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Listening to Robert Gallo talk about viruses is a little like listening to your grandfather talk about how things have changed since he was a boy. He rambles, ruminates, digresses, is in no hurry, and you listen. It’s not just that Gallo, who pioneered the field of retrovirology at the National Institutes of Health with […]

Report: Large gaps between “health rich” and “health poor,” mean big odds against children

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If you have easy access to health information, education, technologies, medicine and care to prevent illness, as well as to treatment when you do get sick, you are health rich. If all of those are out of your reach, you are health poor. And if you are health poor, your chances of surviving childhood are […]