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47th Union World Conference on Lung Health: Even “free” TB treatment can come with catastrophic costs

LIVERPOOL, England – Even before the costs of getting diagnosed, picked up in some high-tuberculosis incidence countries by patients themselves, and even before treatment brings its own costs, the financial toll of tuberculosis has already begun, a representative of the World Health Organization said today. Those costs include medical expenses incurred on the way to the screening and […]

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47th Union World Conference on Lung Health: WHO preconference meeting sizes up the challenges, imagines a world without TB

As a fab 47th Union World Conference on Lung Health comes to Liverpool, session titles and speakers nod to city’s favorite sons, while focus of WHO symposium is global and forward . . . LIVERPOOL, England – Around the last time a new and widely accessible treatment for tuberculosis was put on the market, the Beatles were […]

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HIVR4P 2016: With tribute and award, research conference celebrates reproductive health, human rights champions

CHICAGO – Traditions have to begin somewhere, and as this prevention-focused conference wrapped up its second meeting on Thursday, presentations continued one tradition began at its first meeting in 2014 and  proposed a new one, recognizing work that both inform research and enable it possibilities to be realized. Tributes to Dr. Ward Cates by colleagues Dr. Mike Cohen and […]

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HIVR4P 2016: Circumcision offers major contribution to ending HIV epidemic as a public health threat

CHICAGO – Kenya’s medical circumcision program launched early with ambition, charting circumcisions performed for 1.3 million men by the end of 2015, leaving evaluators asking what is and what will be the impact of this HIV prevention intervention on the epidemic? Through the lens of the clinical trials that showed that circumcision can reduce the risk […]

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Rapid Response Fund aims to maintain HIV service access for sexual minorities

Organizations in 29 countries are eligible for emergency funds, support for longer term measures to counter treatment barriers In the weeks after Nigeria passed its 2014 […]


WHO Global TB report: New data raises estimates of illness, death

While more than half a million fell ill with drug-resistant tuberculosis requiring second-line treatments last year, just one in five received it Improved data collection shows […]

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From a human-scented mosquito trap to rapid diagnostics, USAID funds research and development against Zika

Agency picks 21 of 900 ideas from around the world A research center in Tanzania will develop inexpensive sandals treated to ward off mosquito bites. Investigators […]


Ebola responders analyze data from the last outbreak to prepare for the next

In the chaos of delayed responses to the Ebola crisis in West Africa, patterns emerged in data from five treatment centers across two of the three […]