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Dar es Salaam: In a fragile health system, a national referral hospital prepares for Ebola

Emergency medicine is new here in Dar es Salaam, although the need for it is not. Trauma patients — predominately from motorcycle crashes in this congested city — make up the bulk of the emergency room cases, although illnesses stemming from HIV, other infectious diseases, and, at a growing rate psychiatric disorders, give a program […]

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Dar es Salaam: From 100 patients to 65,000 in ten years

“We used to take care of our patients so they could die with dignity,” Professor Ferdinand Mugusi, MD of Muhimbili Hospital in Dar es Salaam told us last week. “Now our patients live. So thank you.” Americans visiting medical settings in Tanzania, particularly when they are with United States Congressional staffers, get used to being […]

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Zanzibar: An island that has seen success offers a cautionary tale

Come to Zanzibar, the archipelago off the coast of Tanzania that is both tourist destination and home to about 1 million people, and you’ll hear about success. The place has nearly eradicated malaria — more than once — and controlled HIV to the point that fewer than 1 percent of the people on the island live […]

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At Tanzania sober house: “We shine and they want what we have”

“In the beginning,” Suleiman Mauly told us on Saturday, “the government didn’t want to know we exist. They came to recognize us, though. They pay half the rent for every house now.” We were a group from the United States — Center for Global Health Policy staff and five congressional staffers — on a study […]

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Click above for a video on our Congressional study tour to Africa, and click here to read more.


IDWeek: Look at behavior economics to improve ART adherence

Making HIV medications free or low cost is very important for removing barriers to HIV care access, but it’s not enough to ensure adherence, Kevin Volpp […]


IDWeek: Some progress in TB drug and diagnostic development, but not enough

The emerging crisis of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis is a “personal and health system catastrophe” that’s occurring half a million times a year in the form of new […]

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Ebola vaccine candidate safety study to launch next week at NIH

The U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases will begin human testing of a vaccine candidate to prevent Ebola virus disease at the National Institutes […]


Ebola: “This is what it was like to respond to HIV,” doctor home from Guinea says

At the end of last May, Dr. William Fischer was immersed in his work as a physician, researcher, and instructor at the University of North Carolina […]