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CROI 2017: With possibilities for long-acting HIV treatment, modern science creates modern ART

In injections or implants, technology that eliminates daily pill taking, and with it “pill fatigue,” stigma, and other barriers to adherence,  has already proven its value, and is on the horizon for HIV SEATTLE – Surveys indicate that the majority of people living with HIV would be happier with a monthly injection than a daily pill. At […]

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CROI 2017: Innovation, research tackle TB challenges

An “ultra”-sensitive test, and a proactive use of prednisone show promise, require monitoring SEATTLE – In the halting progress against tuberculosis in people living with HIV, advances in both diagnosis and effective treatment have come with gaps and caveats, highlighted, and then answered with research presented last week in sessions and press conferences dedicated to […]

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CROI 2017: Coming “youth bulge” presents HIV responses with impetus, obstacles, opportunities

SEATTLE – They are curious, impulsive and renownedly reckless. Studies have indicated they remain blissfully unaware of their risks, and unequipped to face them. Now, their numbers are growing fastest  in countries that are home to great risks — where rates of HIV infection are among the world’s highest and where current approaches to testing and treatment already […]

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CROI 2017: Added support, speed and communication improve HIV service linkage and retention in Mozambique and South Africa

SEATTLE – Providing immune cell testing and HIV treatment counseling immediately after a positive HIV test was the first in a series of measures that increased rapid linkage to care and retention at ten clinic sites in  Mozambique, data presented here Thursday showed. Measures in a randomized trial of interventions in Maputo and Inhambane Province also […]

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Click above for a video on our Congressional study tour to Africa, and click here to read more.


Rural Cameroon study indicates need to double HIV treatment success, monitor outcomes in west, central Africa to control epidemic

Researchers cite critical need for stronger capacities in remote areas to find treatment resistance, failure The numbers of people who are receiving antiretroviral treatment HIV in remote […]


TB training for just 5 to 9 percent of private pharmacies not enough for public health impact

The following is a guest post by Emily Demotte Lisinopril 20 mg by mouth at eight AM? Check. Having already verified the patient’s identification, I scanned […]

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WHO calls for list of essential diagnostics

Last June, a Perspective piece in the New England Journal of Medicine noted the critical place that the World Health Organization’s list of Essential Medicines had […]


Trump administration should be ready for global infectious disease outbreaks from day one, panel says

No matter how hard the Trump administration will try to focus solely on domestic issues to “make America great again,” Bill Steiger said last week at […]