Medicines Patent Pool, drugmaker agreement set to expand access to new antiretroviral

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Dolutegravir agreement continue collaboration between British company and Unitaid-launched treatment access organization

With a high barrier to drug-resistance, low production costs, low dosing and a potential for pediatric use, the new HIV drug dolutegravir, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in August, and for use among adults and adolescents by the European Medicines Agency in January, is cited in the recently released UNITAID 2014 HIV Medicines Technology and Market Landscape report, as UNITAID2014a promising drug for resource-limited settings. Tuesday, an agreement announced between ViiV, the maker of doletegravir and the United Nations-backed Medicines Patent Pool edged that promise closer to reality. The agreement will allow generic manufacturers to produce low cost versions of the drug to be used in countries with the highest HIV prevalence rates.

The Medicines Patent Pool, which was launched by UNITAID in 2010 to increase access to HIV treatments, notes in its announcement that seven to nine years usually passes between the introduction of a drug in industrialized nations and its availability in low-resource countries. The agreement will allow pediatric and adult as well as combination, single dosage drugs with dolutegravir to be produced by generic drugmakers worldwide. Presentations before the recent Conference on Opportunistic Infections in Boston and at the 2012 CROI in in Seattle have cited the potential for dolutegravir to address treatment challenges.

The UNITAID report, which explores the outlook for current and developing products and their markets, can be downloaded here.


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