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COVID-19: More than 90,000 infections, 500 deaths in U.S. health care personnel

By Daniel Lucey MD, MPH, FIDSA Today, more somber statistics on the pandemic posted on the U.S. Centers Disease Control COVID-19 website: Since the previous day, 54,357 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection were documented (of the total 2,679, 230 US cases in 2020, accordingly to the CDC). Not surprisingly, as the number of hospitalizations is […]

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COVID-19: China approves vaccine for use by military only without phase III study

By Daniel R. Lucey M.D., MPH, FIDSA Today China approved a Covid-19 vaccine, for use only by its military. Importantly, however, this approval occurred despite the vaccine not having undergone a phase III efficacy study. As reported by Josephine Ma in the South China Morning Post, this vaccine was developed by the company CanSino Biologics […]

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COVID-19: In Beijing a new outbreak linked with large market “Xinfadi” 

By Daniel R. Lucey M.D., MPH, FIDSA In a growing series of events in Beijing over the past 48 hours a new outbreak has been reported with an epidemiological link to the largest food market, called “Xinfadi”, in the city. The main China Center for Disease Control in Beijing, and the overarching China National Health […]

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Click above for a video on our Congressional study tour to Africa, and click here to read more.


Long-acting injected HIV prevention effective and safe, HPTN 083 trial data shows

Amid unprecedented challenges to routine healthcare access, trial results mark a first for a critically needed HIV prevention measure  An investigational drug administered by injection every […]


Cost of pandemic includes setbacks to South Africa tuberculosis testing, diagnoses

In the six weeks before South Africa responded its first diagnoses of COVID-19 with the start of physical distancing measures, more than 47,000 people on average […]

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COVID-19: The HIV research advocacy movement offers lessons

What we have learned from HIV can guide responses to COVID-19 that are innovative, effective and inclusive, and can help end the pandemic faster The following […]


The World Health Organization and the U.S.: A brief history of collaboration

The following is a guest post by Kenneth G. Castro, MD, FIDSA Since its formation in 1948, WHO has relied heavily on the U.S. for collaborations […]