A Bailout for HIV/AIDS?

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How about an AIG-style bailout for combating global HIV/AIDS?

Unlikely as that might seem, it’s makes for a good comparison when talking about the very big global health funding needs.

At a UNAIDS briefing Tuesday, Deputy Director Paul De Lay said a $25 billion investment is needed in 2010 to meet universal access targets in treating and preventing HIV/AIDS in the developing world.

“We are not going to turn this epidemic around with our current level of resources,” De Lay said.

What would $25 billion accomplish?

A lot: Avert 2.6 million new HIV infections. Prevent 1.3 million deaths. Provide 6.7 million with antiretroviral treatment.

And that’s just for starters, according to De Lay’s Tuesday presentation on Capitol Hill.

It seems like the world would get a pretty good bang for its buck, especially coming a day after Americans learned that the insurance giant AIG will be getting another $30 billion. (And the firm might still sink anyway.)

Check out this National Intelligence Council report, which helps make the case for the national security and strategic interest in this kind of spending.


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