Old Drugs, New Tricks?

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Scientists may have discovered a chink in TB’s armor against antibiotics.

A team of researchers at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine and the NIH found, in lab tests, that clavulanate effectively breaks through TB’s defense against another drug—meropenem.

The meropenem was then able to successfully tackle the TB bacteria. Laboratory results showed the combo blocked the growth of more than a dozen drug-resistant strains of TB.

Both clavulante and meropenem are FDA-approved drugs used commonly for pediatric infections.  

The study results were reported Thursday in the journal Science. It’s a glimmer of good news for doctors and scientists who’ve been scrambling to combat the rise of drug-resistant TB and it’s ravaging toll on people with HIV
Clinical trials in TB cases could begin later this year in South Korea and South Africa, according to an Associated Press account.

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