Must-See TB TV?

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I’m no movie critic, but “On The Lake: Life and Love in a Distant Place” looks like it could be a fantastic flick. It’s a documentary about tuberculosis—past and present—that will be broadcast nationally on PBS.

Click here to find out more, see a clip, and check when it might air on your local station. (There’s no schedule yet, but it should be posted once the filmmakers’ have more info.)

The hour-long piece also features an interview with IDSA’s own Dr. Richard E. Chaisson, director of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Tuberculosis Research.

Here’s a promotional snipet from the filmmakers.

“A century ago, tuberculosis was the number-one killer in America. Today, it’s the world’s second most deadly infectious disease, after HIV/AIDS. And now, acclaimed filmmakers David Bettencourt and G. Wayne Miller bring this story to life in a one-hour documentary featuring never-before-seen images and interviews. This is a medical story, a chronicle of loss and despair — but also an emotionally powerful true-life tale of friendship and love in tragic circumstances, a triumph of the human spirit for those who survived.”

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