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As policymakers in Washington make vital funding and program decisions on global health, we need to showcase the work of global HIV/AIDS and TB scientists and physicians who are on the front-lines of preventing and treating these twin global epidemics.


We’re looking for compelling stories about what’s happening in the research labs, the clinical trials, the field programs, to help inform decisions made at the White House and in Congress on spending and other key issues. The center will use your stories to develop program profiles and brief reports that highlight innovative approaches to HIV prevention in the developing world, to global TB, and to HIV/TB co-infection.


We are particularly interested in programs that merit scale-up. Submissions should be grounded in research, clinical practice, training or program activity relevant to resource-poor settings that hold implications for US government policy or practice.


You will have a chance to review all completed program profiles before they are made available publicly. The Center’s staff may request a brief phone interview to clarify issues and program components with you or a member of your team.


So please consider sending us descriptions of your programs or research, either by email or snail mail.


Send information to globalhealth@idsociety.org or IDSA, Attn: global health, 1300 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 300, Arlington, VA  22209

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