A few (surprising) AIDS facts from Namibia

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One of the side benefits from any major global health conference is that the host country steps into the spotlight — at least for a few days.

Now is Namibia’s turn, and Dr. Norbert Foster, deputy permanent secretary at the Ministry of Health and Social Services, outlined some interesting statistics in Namibia’s fight against AIDS. Namibia, a country of fewer than 2 million people, has an estimated 204,000 people infected with HIV, or roughly 15 percent of the adult population, and international AIDS experts have praised the country’s fight against the disease.

Percentage of people aged 15 to 24 who were HIV positive in 2002: 16 percent

Percentage in 2008: 10.6 percent

Percentage of HIV-positive women receiving interventions preventing the transmission of HIV during birth in 2002: 12 percent

Percentage in 2008: more than 70 percent

One alarming statistic: 77 percent of all those infected with HIV in Namibia today are women.

Another: 9 percent infected are children.

One thought on “A few (surprising) AIDS facts from Namibia

  1. Jennifer

    Wow, 77% HIV infected are women??? I never knew that. Thanks for sharing that statistic. How has the country and implementing partners targeted interventions for that population?


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