New Female Condom Campaign Set for Uganda

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HIV/AIDS researchers are potentially on the cusp of myriad innovative ways to prevent HIV transmission—from the development of a microbicide to Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

But while we wait with baited breath for clinical trial results, some advocates are focused on reviving old approaches, namely the female condom. As we noted in an earlier post on this blog, global health advocates have recently begun promoting a new version of the first female condom, which never attracted widespread use, hoping that the new cheaper, easier-to-use version would fare better.

Now, the Center for Health and Gender Equity reports that the Ugandan government plans to reintroduce the female condom in that country this fall, a move that some human-rights advocates say could empower women, who shoulder a growing share of the HIV epidemic.  Check out the Center’s blog post on this issue, in which Serra Sippel notes that women need to have access to prevention tools “designed to put them in charge and give them an opportunity to initiate protection” and the female condom is the only thing available right now.

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