Daily Archives: October 23, 2009

Those with HIV May Have Higher Risk for Complications Related to H1N1

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As the government rolls out its response to H1N1, this news about the interaction between so-called “swine flu” and HIV should be of interest: “The prevalence of certain underlying conditions, including immunosuppressing conditions, has been higher than in the general population suggesting HIV-infected adults and adolescents also might be at higher risk for complications related […]

PEPFAR Has "Mandate Without Money," Haitians Have ARVs without Water, Food, Shelter

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A delegation of HIV-positive Haitains recently visited Washington to lobby for robust funding for PEPFAR. Read their compelling stories in this blog, which details how HIV-positive patients have access to HIV drugs but not necessarilly to a glass of water to wash the pills down or food to make the medicines tolerable and effective.