WSJ Story: HIV Patients Turned Away in Uganda Amid Reduced Treatment Scale Up

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The headline in today’s Wall Street Journal article is chilling enough: “War on AIDS Hangs in Balance as U.S. Curbs Help for Africa.”

Then come gripping details of a mother desperate to get access to needed medications, so she will not infect her new baby with HIV. And the fears expressed by health care providers that Uganda’s successful efforts to combat AIDS is in serious jeopardy.

“Unless the promised funding is forthcoming soon we will see an absolute disaster in the next year or so,” says Shepherd Smith, a longtime Christian activist for HIV issues in Africa. “The human tragedy that is nearly upon us is significant and I believe will be a huge disservice to the people of the United States because we will be unable to keep humanitarian commitments we have made.”

Here’s s link to the full story:

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