Letter to Clinton: Preserve PEPFAR's Autonomy, Keep it at State

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Although Administration officials have said PEPFAR would be the “cornerstone” of its Global Health Initiative, HIV advocates and experts are worried that PEPFAR and the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator could actually have less visibility and authority under the GHI.

The Administration has not yet detailed what the GHI’s governance will look like, but there’s apparently some discussion about moving PEPFAR to USAID, instead of keeping at the State Department. Advocates worry this would be disruptive for a program that has been so successful, in part because of its streamlined, singular focus.

The Global Center and other groups sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today asking her to “preserve the autonomy” of PEPFAR by keeping at State and reporting to her.

“Subsuming OGAC and the administration of the PEPFAR program within a new GHI organizational structure could set back the Administration’s global agenda,” the letter states. “OGAC and PEPFAR’s success are a testimony to what streamlined processes and a nimble structure can accomplish.  Its programs are lauded around the world for making a difference while respecting countries’ autonomy.  We must not disrupt or undermine the program’s operation, including its important leadership and coordination role among the agencies that now implement programs, and within countries where continuity of leadership and funding sustains life-saving programs.”

Click here to read the full document. Letter to Sec Clinton re PEPFAR within GHI (2)

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