Ugandan HIV Expert Gives First-Hand Account of Implications of PEPFAR Flat-funding

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This week, Dr. Peter Mugyenyi is visiting Washington from Uganda, where he directs the Joint Clinical Research Center, the largest PEPFAR implementer in East Africa. Dr. Mugyenyi was one of a half-dozen people in the room when PEPFAR was conceived back in 2003. As one of the program’s most eloquent supporters, Dr. Mugyenyi has recently begun voicing grave concern about the near flat-funding of PEPFAR’s budget. In this video interview, he talks about the on-the-ground consequences of a pullback from the fight against global AIDS. Dr. Mugyenyi will be testifying about this issue on Thursday at a hearing before a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee.

2 thoughts on “Ugandan HIV Expert Gives First-Hand Account of Implications of PEPFAR Flat-funding

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  2. nigerianhealthjournal

    Thanks for this interview.I have always felt that the implication of foreign donations and AIDS response in Africa is one issue the continent seems ready to discuss but not very unwilling to do something about.Unfortunately this issues is a time bomb;a time bomb that will surely detonate if we keep talking and make our leaders take the necessary proactive steps by increasing AIDS funding and getting very sincere and creative in our control efforts.

    Kingsley Obom-Egbulem


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