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Below is our (now weekly) reading list for you. All thoughts welcome, as usual!

  • As you may already know, the Women Deliver conference was held in in DC this week. Alanna Shaikh has an interesting post at UN Dispatch summarizing a panel on a “combination therapy” approach to HIV prevention. She says that this new approach “might be the change we need.”
  • The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria announced yesterday that 2.8 million people with HIV have received ARV treatment thus far in 2010. This is a 22 percent increase from the same time last year.
  • Fifa has essentially banned the distribution of condoms at World Cup venues, prompting concerns from AIDS organizations about the spread of HIV in the country with the world’s largest number of HIV carriers: South Africa.  From a statement from the AIDS Consortium, Community Media Trust, Southern African HIV Clinicians Society, Section 27 and TAC:

“To date Fifa has not permitted any civil society organisation to distribute HIV- or health-related information and Fifa has not provided any written confirmation that condoms may be distributed at stadia and within the fan-fests…The World Cup is an opportunity to combine sport with messages about HIV prevention and healthy living that can be heard by millions of people. It would be a tragedy to miss it.”

  • Sarah Boseley’s Global Health Blog at the Guardian reports that Bristol Myers Squibb plans to suspend the manufacture of a cheap AIDS drug keeping up to 7000 babies alive in the developing world. The post includes a letter from UNITAID board members, which protests against the move.
  • Finally, I came across a great quote from South African Health Minister Dr. Aaron Motsoatedi this week as well in a PlusNews story that I wanted to share with you:

“The dual TB/HIV epidemic is a public health emergency, and the most important public health challenge of our time. It’s no longer an issue of debate [whether treatment should be integrated], it’s a matter of implementation.”

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